Khairie Alim’s Fashion Clothing Brand Is Unique

Khairie Alim is the owner of a very unique and vibrant clothing brand, Helmsdale x Rugby.

Khairie Alim, from Ohio, is the founder of the budget-friendly fashion clothing brand, Helmsdale x Rugby. His brand exudes uniqueness and has a range of colors for those who are looking forward to matching clothes.

Khairie Alim has always been into fashion. It was then he realized that he had been spending way too much money on other brands, which necessarily did not always suit his style and budget. That’s when he decided to create a fashion clothing brand of his own.

So, you see, the emotional connectionKhairie named the brand from two things that he has a connection to and identifies a lot with. First, Helmsdale is a street where Khairie grew up as a man. It is also the place where he had his first child. Second, Rugby street was where Khairie had his second child. He was also going through a terrible health scare while residing at Rugby, and he healed there too ultimately.

So, you see, the emotional connection between Helmsdale and Rugby was too strong for Khairie to ignore. And that is how Helmsdale x Rugby was born.

Khairie decided to come up with his own fashion clothing idea in 2019, and in 2020, it was then he registered his brand under LLC. He formulated a concept of what he wanted to create based on his own life and likings.

And there has been no looking back since then as he has met with huge success amongst his peers too. Khairie draws his inspiration for his fashion clothing brand Helmsdale x Rugby from his other love, photography. He draws inspiration from a photo clicked by him, or even the background location of the photoshoot. He is, in fact, inspired by life. So, it is natural that his brand is different from others and is all about uniqueness. Khairie likes the most about his fashion clothing brand: the wide range of colors designed to suit everyone’s budget.

But, what he enjoys most, though, is creating. He loves creating for his brand every single day. He even often wakes up from sleep to jot down ideas. He is a huge fan of his own brand. And that reflects in his own attire. He always wears what he creates. Through his brand, Khairie aims to show others that if you really believe in something and are passionate about it, just go for it. He firmly believes that one needs to stop caring about what others think.

Khairie also wants us to remember that someone will always be out there for us, who will totally understand our vision. And those who understand are your people, says Khairie. He strongly advises on believing in oneself.

Helmsdale x Rugby is a brand set apart from others because there are always new designs for the clients. Khairie believes that creating and producing consistently and persevering is what sets his brand apart from its competitors. It is his own struggle and wins which has made the brand what it is today.

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